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Mulching and Fertilising Northern Beaches- Silvertop Gardens

Mulching & fertilising are vital to your garden's conservation. Our team at Silver Top Gardens believe that nothing improves the garden’s aesthetic feel and plant growth like mulching and fertilising does. Whether you are looking to get a pre-sale garden clean up done, or just needing a general garden visit – we highly recommend these services as they make a big difference in your garden’s over-all look.

Here are concrete examples on how these help your gardens as a whole:

  • Mulch in your garden beds are eye-catchers and beautifies the garden itself.
  • Mulch conditions the soil, and improves the moisture
  • Mulch works like a mat that keeps weeds at bay, minimising the need to use weed spray where unnecessary
  • Fertiliser aids plants that are weak and needs revival - we save what we can
  • Fertiliser fills in the nutrients for all the other plants, helping them grow strong and nourished

These are few of the known uses for mulching and fertilising but there’s a lot more that they do for your garden. We greatly advise all gardens that we work with to be mulched and fertilised as they help in all around garden growth and improvement. The external environment can produce different kinds of reaction from the soil and plants, but with the right amount of mulch and fertiliser, you can be assured knowing that they will grow just fine. The efficiency of soil to sustain your gardens can be greatly improved by these products and this has been tested in multiple gardens over the years.

Our tip: Gardens and lawns start to slow down in winter, so it is considered as a perfect season to get them mulched and fertilised to give them that extra boost that they need as the weather drops, easing their way to summer. The cold weather can lay impact to the soil whose job is to insulate the roots while the sun is out, and fertilising combined with mulching can definitely do a trick or two to help.

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