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Lawn Installation,Lawn Care - Silvertop Gardens Mona Vale,

Lawn installation requires attention to detail because there are a few qualities to be considered when choosing to have one. Our company believes that coming home to a nice and well-maintained lawn is a delight that you deserve. With over 8 years of experience on turf installation, we take pride in having great understanding of lawns and how to maintain them. We know which turf grows better under shade or in direct sunlight and which lawns can survive in drought or which ones require more water than others.

As there are a lot of choices involved, it is best to seek advice for planning and deciding how to go through it before installing your lawn and we at Silver Top Gardens are more than happy to be of help.

One of the best lawns known in the Sydney region would be the buffalo Sir Walter. It is characterised to have adequate winter colour when compared to other lawns, has good wear and tear tolerance and can handle direct sunlight on its own.

Not all homes have lawns, but here’s a few examples why it’s good to have one:

  • Natural lawns help with air purification
  • Turf grasses are helping alleviate global warming conditions by trapping carbon which is nature-friendly
  • Natural lawns enhance ground water quality by cleansing rain water, helping the plants absorb nutrients better as they do
  • Turf grasses minimise the risk of soil erosion and improves soil structure
  • Natural turf equips a safe and flexible surface for recreation

More than just to beautify the front of your home, a new lawn is great for relaxation purposes, an area for kids, entertaining your guests or just a place for the family to enjoy an afternoon. We suggest that you consider having a lawn as there's a lot of benefits that go with having one, favourable to your relaxation and to the general health of your garden.

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Our company believes that coming home to a nice and well-maintained lawn is a ...

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