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Lawn Care, Fertilizing and Mulching - Silvertop Gardens Mona Vale NSW

Lawn care is a part of garden maintenance that is sometimes being neglected. At Silver Top Gardens, we believe that lawns are more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s good to have a place where you can kick the ball on a sunny afternoon or a place for the kids to run around and play. We strive to help you care for your lawn by keeping it at its best shape with the help of our extensive experience on this area.

Cutting the lawn too short allows weeds to grow in areas where you don’t want them to be but cutting it high enough lets it act as a mat that smothers the weeds that try to grow through the lawn. Knowing the right level to cut the lawn on – this may sound easy but it can really be tricky. We are happy to help you get the lawns cut in the right manner and height so you can avoid weed growth in your garden. The sooner we know when the lawn needs to be trimmed, the better chance for us to let it grow in the right state.

Keeping your lawns hydrated is the key to giving it that luscious look and we know how busy life can get that it can sometimes be a challenge to get this done, so we are here to ensure that your lawns are regularly watered. While the soil can be naturally hydrated from nutrients it gathers from external factors like raindrops and sunshine, there are days when they get less or more of what they should - and this is when they need special attention. They can easily get dry in summer, needing to be watered more often than they do over winter where the precipitation can be higher than normal. The change in seasons can affect your lawns in ways you don't notice right away, but prevention is always better than cure and we're here to get this sorted for you.

Should you wish to keep your lawn in good shape and require assistance with over-all care and maintenance, we are ready to be of help.

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