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Garden Maintenance, Gardening North Shore - Silvertop Gardens

Garden maintenance should be a part of household routines and our primary focus at Silver Top Gardens is garden maintenance. From selection of ornamental plants for the flower foliage or conserving hedges for your privacy - we can be of help.

With extensive experience on garden maintenance, we can transform your bare and thick hedges to pleasant looking ones which you and your family can fully enjoy looking at.

We like to believe that we have the ‘green thumb’ because we give your plants that extra care through pruning and fertilising, which will help them grow steady, healthy and strong.

Silver Top Gardens offers a range of maintenance services as follows:

  • hedging
  • pruning
  • weed control
  • fertilising
  • mulching
  • planting and plant information
  • pre-sale garden clean ups
  • soil conditioning(composting)
  • plant removal
  • pest control
  • water pressure cleaning
  • and many more

Each property would require a unique plan, varying approach and different schedule - depending on what work needs to be done. Some gardens only need basic touch such as lawn mowing and new plants to be added, but some require thorough work like weed control, plant removal, and hedge trimming. It is helpful for us to do an initial visit where we can identify the requirements of your garden so we can agree on a quote, and determine the best frequency of visit to follow. While the initial work is important, the maintenance that follows to ensure that the gardens and lawns are well looked after is as relevant.

Our team at Silver Top Gardens understand that there are priorities that come before garden maintenance, so we offer cost-friendly service where you get to see desirable results for what you pay for. Considering the convenience of having someone to attend to your gardens regularly, you can trust us to always make a garden visit worth your while.

Garden maintenance sounds easy but could take the effort and time that you can allocate somewhere else. Let us know how we can be of help and we gladly will.

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