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Garden Maintenance North Shore - Silvertop Gardens

Silver Top Gardens is a garden maintenance company that grew out of Neutral Bay. We focus on the wonderful gardens of the North Shore of Sydney. While we do have most of our clients up north, we are an adaptable team. We would be happy to hear from you should you wish to work with us in other areas. We can beautify and improve your natural gardens.

We are a private business that’s been up and running since 2016. Owner Luke Henry, was born and raised in Mona Vale right in the middle of the Northern Beaches. Luke is eager to help you get your garden back in shape by putting in the effort and time that is needed. He started out working 2 jobs in order to pave the way to building this business. He used to work 6 days a week for over a year, juggling between another gardening company where he was a Team leader and Silver Top Gardens which was then a very small business that he was trying to maintain. Throughout the transition of working for someone, he realized that he wanted to give his full attention to his clients and decided to build it and kept it as the only job. He knew that the only way he can get to help more people and fulfill his passion is by dedicating himself to the business, and so he did.

With over 9 years of experience in general garden maintenance, we believe we have reliable service to offer when it comes to your garden needs. You may need help with hedges that have overgrown and needs trimming – we’d get on the ladder and give them a cut, checking every angle to make sure they’re evenly done and nothing’s been missed. You may need help knowing what your lawns need most – some needs a lot of sunshine, some needs more shade and some are drought tolerant, while others are not – we can help you understand how they should be kept.

As gardeners, we take pride in our hedging like no other. No hedge is too big or too small for us to work on and we always strive to get them nicely shaped and neatly done. Our attention to details is something we live by on our day to day jobs, and we have an eye for precision that will see the job through. We have the skills and tools appropriate for this task that will give you amazing results as you wish to see.

We know that there are other gardening companies out there, but we’d like to share with you our core values as a team:

  • Honesty. We provide quotes upon request, and we provide cost efficient assistance. We only charge for the hours that we work, and we do sharp estimates of the materials that will be in use so that nothing goes to waste.

  • Trust. We believe that working together seamlessly needs trust both ways, and we aspire to live by this on a daily basis. We trust you to give us feedback and information if you want things done in a specific manner, and we want you to trust us that you will be heard and understood. If there is something that cannot be done, we will let you know, with recommendations for alternatives.

  • Hard Work. We go to your property and we give our 110% - nothing less. You read that right – 110%, because we always put in the extra mile to keep you and the garden happy.

  • Reliability. We like to keep our word all the time. When we agree to a date and time, we’ll show up. If there is an urgent matter that impedes us from coming over such as weather conditions or emergencies, we will coordinate with you and setup another suitable time.

We built the business from these core values, and that makes us dependable for your gardening needs. We are a productive team who are committed to helping you bring back your gardens to life. We know that life can get busy, and it always does, and you might not have the chance to attend to your yard and that’s absolutely what we’re here for. Whether it is a maintenance job, a garden clean-up, or we’re starting from scratch – we at Silver Top Gardens are here to assist you in making your garden look the way you want it to.

Getting your gardens enhanced shouldn’t be extraordinarily expensive. With Silver Top Gardens, we offer our services in a cost-effective manner while making sure you receive high quality gardens as a result. We always make sure that the outcome of every visit is worth your penny and time.

We believe that there’s always room for improvement and it’s what we aspire to do – to keep learning and bringing out the best in every garden we work on.

We hope you make the decision to choose us because we are looking forward to helping you.

Silver Top Gardens. Your silver lining.

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